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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


We pride ourselves on having the capacity to meet all of our clients’ needs under one roof – from carefully crafted business deals and effective resolution of employment claims, to creative estate planning and diligent handling of civil litigation matters.


We explore every strategy to best resolve an issue. Through skilled negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and negotiation, we often settle lawsuits prior to trial and save our clients a considerable amount of time and financial resources. However, should litigation become necessary, we have over three decades of experience in both state and federal courts protecting the best interests of our clients.

Breadth Of Skills

Our clients enjoy the benefit of full interaction between our practice areas. This means they have several seasoned attorneys with different specialties at their disposal. Any legal issue has the potential to impact another area of our clients’ business or personal lives, and having Breadth Of Skills under one roof gives us the perspective and ability to look at our clients as a whole.

About the firm

Artiano & Associates has been one of the most respected law firms in the South Bay and Long Beach for over 40 years. Specializing primarily in business law, the firm also has thriving practice areas in employment law, estate planning, and civil litigation. We are experienced negotiators and litigators, with satisfied clients throughout Southern California.

Specializing in business law, employment law, and estate planning, the firm also has thriving practice areas in business and civil litigation.

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Lawrence “Chip” Andrews


Joanne K.




A trusted advisor and attorney to small business owners throughout the South Bay, Long Beach, and Orange County areas, Linda A. Artiano specializes in employment-related matters. She has over 20 years experience as an attorney, and more than 15 years specializing in employment law. She is known as the “lawyer for the employer.”

Whether it is contracts, reviews, terminations, investigations, sexual harassment, or compliance….

Jim primarily works with entrepreneurs and small business owners — across nearly every aspect of transactional law. He helps clients in virtually every stage of the business cycle, from setting up a corporation and development of the company to representing his clients in their business deals. Jim also advises clients in buying and selling companies as well as estate planning issues. His clients know that Jim “has their back” and is always looking out for their best interests.

Chip Andrews is a municipal defense expert who also brings his expertise to bear in business law.

In municipal law, Chip works mainly with smaller cities representing the cities, their police officers, and other government employees. He also works in breach of contract cases, personal injury lawsuits that are not covered by insurance, and business law cases.

With over 23 years experience as a litigator, Joanne K. Leighton’s primary focus is in employment law and business litigation.

Joanne works with employers on a wide variety of important issues in employment law, starting with risk management and helping companies take preventative measures to avoid the pitfalls of litigation. She also handles shareholder disputes with corporations …

Ana Papadakis’ keen interest in estate planning and business law serves her clients well. After nearly 12 years of civil service, including her time as a Senior Deputy City Prosecutor for the City of Redondo Beach, Ana turned to her interest in Trusts and Estates and joined Artiano & Associates in 2022.

Not afraid of a challenge, Ana dug right into not only preparing Estate Plans for our clients, but also practicing in the areas of Trust Administration, Probate and Trust Litigation.